As you all know Chairman Pakistan American Council Sam Khan has been able to help many families during Covid-19 disaster and with your help we also have been able to extend our help by distributing ration to many families in Pakistan.
Now we have launched a Ramadan Ration Food package for those who are in need in Pakistan and USA.
We are setting up office in Lahore Pakistan.
We need your help and are reaching out to you to donate generously for this specials cause.
Our target is to provide ration to 2000 families in Pakistan.


Pakistan American Council is organizing a fund raising event at Royal Albert Palace on September 8th 2022. We overseas Pakistanis cannot describe you, the footages and the videos we are watching on the TV. Pakistan is sinking; poor are standing on the roads helplessly and unaided. No one is coming to help them. We want all of you throughout the America to come out and support these poor, underprivileged and oppressed Pakistanis. This is a charity. If you will not help these people, you will cry by God. Today, the one who is blessed with money as we are living in America and are blessed with money, we are supposed to help with this money. Allah gives you the money and you are the manager of that money, please for God sake come out and give this money to any charity donation organization, regardless of which organization. For God sake come out and help the Pakistani people. These poor people desperately need you. We will wait for you at Royal Albert Palace on September 8th 2022, because we don’t want you to cry like people of Kufah, who did not help Imam Hussain. This is a battle which we have to win together. This is Sadqa-e-Jariya. We are getting support of several prominent personalities like Sam Khan, a number of Pakistani singers, Naeem Rufi, Arif khan (Music World), Azim Ahmad (Music Wave). We are also being supported by many community leaders along with Pakistan Day Parade. You also have to help, so please join us.

For more details please contact
📞 Sam Khan 732-207-3812
Dr. Zubair 908-380-9073
Malik Suleman 609-532-6767

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When you donate to PAC-USA you help establish a strong presence of viable, healthy and dynamic Pakistn American communities, neighborhoods and institutions that meet the social and political needs of the Pakistanis in USA.
Thank you in advance for your contribution Please donate as much as you can afford and as often as you can afford. Through the website you can donate as little as $10 or as much as $5,000. What ever you contribute will make a difference.



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